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Micronesia - Yap

Yap Living History Museum - Image coming soon!

Yap Living History Museum

PO Box 988
Email: ylhmcoordinator[at]
Phone: 691-350-2298
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9.516251, 138.121705

Overview of Yap Living History Museum

The Yap Living History Museum was opened on December 7, 2011.

Yap is a colorful and beautiful island with it's own set of traditional values. Yap is unique because its people hold strong to their traditional skills and ideals. Yapese culture can be found in traditional dances, weaving, tool making, construction as well as the respect that its citizens provide to each other.

The purpose of the Yap Living History Museum (YLHM) is to put traditional skills, values and ideals at the forefront and increase the public's knowledge of the significance of traditional culture as well as the history of Yap islands. The Museum plans to engage the youth with participation and displays of reenactments, traditional dances, live arts, cooking, story telling, canoe sailing, weaving and handicrafts.

The elders of Yap are a treasure of wisdom. They also contain the knowledge of traditional skills and myths of the past. It is important that these skills and stories are not lost on the next generation. YLHM is an educational arena for old traditions to come alive once again.

The Yap Living History Museum is in the heart of Colonia, across from Chammoro Bay, near Yap Courts. The Yap Living History Museum & the island of Yap would like to graciously thank the French Embassy for their generous donations and support of the museum.

Open Tues and Thurs from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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