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Micronesia - Kosrae

National Aquaculture Center (NAC) in Kosrae, growing giant clams - Courtesy of

National Aquaculture Center (Giant Clams)

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Overview of National Aquaculture Center (Giant Clams)

Established in 1991 with the objective of providing indigenous food, dietary supplements for the local people, cash income and management of marine resources. The facility was limited to the production of giant clams.

In 1997, the facility was expanded with funds from the People's Republic of China with a broad focus to diversify its product line to target the aquarium trade and food market, training for local farmers, extension services, coordination, marketing, seedstock production and technical support. The facility currently has 32 raceways.

Giant clams are the main aquaculture species produced at the centre. There are approximately 30,000 juvenile (less then 3 cm) clams stocked in the raceways. There are also tens of thousands of mature clams held at lagoon and ocean nursery sites on Kosrae.

This is a national project where protected giant clams that reached up to 3 meters long are raised and taken out to the Aquaculture sanctuary in the reefs off Walung. The aquaculture building is located on the causeway and you can arrange a dive to the sanctuary through your diving resort. It is a good combination of tour activity for sightseers. Recently, the Aquaculture staff deployed more than 50 giant clams to buoy for tourist entertainment.

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National Aquaculture Center (NAC) in Kosrae, growing giant clams - Courtesy of

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