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Thanks for your consideration in advertising with Your support helps us provide our site visitors more detailed content and information about these island destinations. Together, we can bring them in touch with your products and services, in order to make their experience even greater!

We are currently getting over 2000 site visitors per month, with the majority coming from the United States (our target audience). Some islands get more page views than others (of course). To see how many times your page has been viewed, scroll to the bottom of your page, and look for the following:

Total Page Views for Your Place since MM/DD/YYYY = XXX

Since we are still a new website, and to make it affordable for businesses of all sizes, our rates are extremely low, starting at only $5 US per month!

Here are our different advertising options:

  • Rotating Banner (468x60) - banner rotation with other ads at the top and middle section of the website.
  • Rotating Button (125x125) - button rotation with other ads on the top of the right side section.
  • Rotating Banner & Button Combo - both ads in rotation.
  • Priority Listing - Listed at the top of the category (such as hotel, dining, tour, etc).
  • Rotating Corner PagePeel - wavy image in the upper right hand side of the website, that opens to show a larger ad.
  • All Options - All of the above advertising (banner, button, priority and pagepeel).

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We even help you create the banner or button, using your images, logo and message!

Advertising can be directed to your official website, so you can track the referrals, and direct them to information that you have more control over.

With any package above, you also get top listing in your category (Restaurants and Dining, Hotels and Accommodations or Tours) along with the ability to add specials and discounts to your dedicated page, in order to increase sales. This will bring more exposure to visitors already on our website.


Select from the following options for individual islands only, using the dropdown menu and Paypal subscribe button:

Ad Options


We also have options for businesses that want to reach our visitors, that are not specific to an island.

Select from the following options for advertising on all islands, using the dropdown menu and Paypal subscribe button:

Ad Options

Here is a currency converter, to determine how much it will cost in your country's currency. All prices listed above are in US Dollars. Let us know if you have any questions about exchange rates.


You must have a Paypal account to signup for the monthly recurring payment option (which is free to setup). If you don't want to setup a PayPal account, we can still use PayPal to process a credit card payment in 3, 6 or 12 month intervals. Please contact us if you don't want to pay with PayPal (check or money order), have questions about advertising options, or would like to discuss other advertising ideas you might have.

NOTE: These rates are designed for resorts, restaurants and tours (listed on our site for a specific island). If you are considering corporate sponsorship or advertising your product or service, contact us for information about our affordable, low-risk, pay-per-click rates.

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Brion H. wrote about El Patio Restaurant and Bieke's Bistro:

"Excellent food and service. Clean and well maintained. Great place to stop for coffee and espresso. Restaurant offers outdoor seating under roof.


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